Malibu Pools is the first company in QLD to offer free pool servicing with every pool built!

What are the steps involved in building a pool?

At Malibu our construction experience offers you access to innovative ideas and practical knowledge applicable to your project. Our project managers supervise and coordinate each stage of the construction schedule. Our team of qualified tradesman, with many years experience, work on every project. Utilising this approach we have achieved over 35 years of continuous award winning property development and customer satisfaction. Let us bring our industry success in project management in construction to your site.

A standard construction timeline is a 8-10 week process – weather permitting.

This page briefly outlines certain requirements, which, Malibu Pools follow and will maximise your enjoyment, prevent problems and protect your investment.

Stage 1 – Signing the contract Signing a SPASA Contract and making payment for the Deposit and the SPASA WaterTight/WaterWorks Insurances.

Stage 2 – Approvals Paperwork sent to the Engineers who obtain the Approvals.

Stage 3 – On site meeting Pre-Excavation Meeting On-Site to position pool in the yard.

Stage 4 – Excavation Assistance would be appreciated to locate a close & suitable dump site. You will need to advise your Sales Consultant and/or Construction Supervisor of your Paver and Interior Colour choiceprior to, or at this stage.

Stage 5 – Delivery of Reinforcement & Equipment Steel Fixer will build the internal steel frame and pre plumb pool. Certification of the internal steel frame will be done by the Engineers prior to concrete. Concretors will spray and form up the Concrete Interior.

Stage 6 – Curing of the Concrete: Minimum 4 weeks (Client to hose shell daily) During the curing of the concrete, we aim for the following to take place: 1. Plumbing & installation of Filtration System. 2. Placement of Coping (after a minimum of 4 weeks if included in Contract.) 3. Solar Installation (if included in Contract). 4. Installation of Pool Fence (if included in Contract). This is also a good time for you (the client) to arrange for your Electrician to supply power to the Filtration System, connect the earth wire from the Pool to the house, and if a Pool Light is to be installed, to attach the 12 volt lead to the Transformer and run it back to the Filtration System. PAVING MUST BE SEALED IMMEDIATELY ONCE IT HAS BEEN LAID. All paving must be sealed according to the Supplier’s recommendations using the Suppplier’s approved Sealant. If this is not done, there can be damage done to the surface, and would void your warranty. A Warning Sign must be displayed in a prominent position at all access points of your property. Failure to do so may incur a fine against yourself and Malibu Pools. Please maintain this Sign. It maybe a requirement of your Council that the installation of your Backwash is into an existing Storm Water/ Sewerage pipe. Please note, in the terms of the Contract, it is the Clients’ responsibility to arrange for a Licenced Plumber to do this work.

We enjoy challenging sites. Call us to arrange a design for any site and any budget.

Malibu Pools is the first company in QLD to offer free pool servicing with every pool built. Malibu offers clients a free 6 month pool service with every Malibu Pool. This complimentary service will allow you and your family to enjoy your new poolside lifestyle giving you peace of mind.