Brisbane & Gold Coast

Malibu Pools has no limitations when it comes to landscaping your back yard and surrounding pool area. We understand that most homeowners building a new pool also have landscaping needs. This is where Malibu Pools can not only complete your landscaping needs, but ensure it all ties in with the pool and pool construction process. We can also save time and money. For example, if there is the need for earth moving machinery to excavate your backyard we can do most of the excavation when we dig the pool. This saves you having to pay to have another excavator brought in after the pool is constructed.

What do our team of pool builders and landscaped in Brisbane do? We can build retaining walls, complete custom designed decking, create stunning bali huts, provide garden lighting solutions, turf / lawn / grass preparation, tiled areas, concreting, and more! We provide only quality workmanship which is all backed under your construction warranty period which gives you piece of mind that you will have durability and longevity in all works that Malibu Pools complete. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team today on 07 3161 8724 for a free consultation, measure and quote.


Malibu Pools are experts when it comes to retaining walls. If you have a sloping block Malibu Pools can either use the pool to retain certain elements of the back yard or create a retainer for different levels. Our experienced team can also create retaining garden beds or turfed areas to maximise on usable space.


Decking can be both modern and stylish when applied around a pool area. Extend the usability of the area around your pool with a deck. Provide an extended space between the home and pool to create visually enticing entertainment area. Decking can also be beneficial in providing you with that added space to utilise as a sun baking area. As a premium Brisbane and Gold Coast pool builder and landscaper you can trust Malibu Pools 40 years’ experience to ensure the decking is completed to perfection!


Malibu Pools offer premium quality constructed Bali Huts for around your pool or entertainment area. A pergola or Bali hut is a great addition to any pool. It can complement the pool as a shady area to cool off or serve as an area to entertain guests while watching the kids in the pool. Here at Malibu Pools we will help complete the engineering and council approvals so all you have to do is work with our team to design a pergola that becomes a blended element to your pool area.


Lighting around a pool can really draw the eye to focal points like plants, water features, ornaments, and statues. If you are looking to make something a feature think about lighting solutions. Both our Brisbane and Gold Coast builders can help with the installation of lighting as part of your landscaping package


How well will my lawn grow around my pool? What type of grass grows well around a pool? That where Malibu Pools comes in to help! Our team can help you chose the right type of turf / grass for around your pool. We understand that different water sanitisers can impact on grass durability, along with foot traffic. With our knowledge rest assured we will help you chose the right turf. We will even save you the hassle and lay it too!


Tiled areas around a pool are a great addition to maximizing on space around your swimming pool. Whether it be Travertine. Granite, Sandstone or similar, Bali Pools can assist with the selection and the labor required to professional lay them. For experts in all things tiling, including pool tiling, count on only the best that Brisbane and the Gold Coast has to offer – Malibu Pools