Pool Design

At Malibu, we use the latest 3D pool design software to create virtual swim through pool design presentations.

Our specialised pool design programs allow each site to be designed with all material and design options in 3D reality. In combination with the online Malibu Pool Design Design Studio, our clients can see the finished product before construction of their pool projects.

The Malibu Design team can create your complete inground pool & landscaping package into a workable 3D model from the first design meeting

Inground Pool Design Process

Step 1. Initial Brief: Meet with our pool designers and pool architects and outline the brief and the goals of your pool design.

Step 2. Presentation: Our pool designers will return to you an itemised and priced proposal, with all options and specifications. During the proposal, a 3D design of your pool project is given to you with a digital swim-through and a selection of still shots from different angles.

Step 3. Specifications/Material Selection: From the initial proposal and pool design, our designers will modify the design and revise the proposal into a package with all the selected elements integrated into the 3D design for final approval of your inground pool.

Step 4. Project Approval: On acceptance of the design and proposal the Malibu team will submit the designs and plans to our engineers and certifiers. We offer the complete package from design through development application and final certification of your inground pool.